Welcome to Top Hostess, your partner in crime to get anything you want in no time. Your own apartment, a brand new car or traveling to the most exquisite places in the world? All you have to do is to pick your target. We’ll deal with the rest.



Our NO.1 rule? Just be YOURSELF. We want you to contour your smile with your favorite lipstick every day, so why not take it with you in your brand new purse, limited edition? about a city break in every weekend? Wait no more. Your time is now and we are here to give you the resources for your good vibes.


Take the risk. No one ever said that taking risks is an easy thing to do, but so is waiting endlessly for something to happen. We can’t give you time, but we can give you the resources to do everything that you dreamed of. A fancy city-break, a brand new car, an astonishing pair of shoes or the latest gadgets? Whatever is your object of choice, we can help you get it without any fuss. Come our way!
Choose happiness. Whatever you do & wherever you are, trust us, choose happiness over anything else. There is nothing more irresistible than a powerful and beautiful woman who never forgets to smile. We want you to be yourself, to accept your flaws and to work for your desires, but most of forget that “sky is the limit”. Let’s prove this wrong. Together. Get to know us!
Find your fire. Imagine this scenario: You may wake up in the morning the afternoon. You can choose when to go to work & how much time you’re going to invest in this. Your results are measured in your desire to succeed. You have plenty of time for both personal and family time. Still not convincing enough? How about gaining 65.000 $/ month? What do you need for the job?
Be a charming money maker. Who runs the world? Girls. And when these girls have everything they ever wanted nothing can go wrong. Why struggle with financial problems when you can simply not be bothered by such worries? The online hostess job is as easy as maintaining a conversation. In fact, all you’ll have to do is be yourself and enjoy interacting with people from around the world. A piece of cake, right? Begin your journey
Let’s meet. And no, it’s not a date. It is a better way to get to know each other and to give you a taste of what does the online hostess job mean. We want you to feel free to talk and ask whatever crosses your mind, we want you to be open and what matters the most is for you to be yourself. Meet the team and join us. You’re going to love your new job. Pinky promise ;) Get to know us.



8.000 RON / MONTH

...minimum guaranteed income if you work 160 hours/month because we want to keep you happy & satisfied


...because we believe in investing time in who & what really matters to you, regardless of the situation


...for you to work totally legal, according to the existing laws and feel safe about your online hostess job


...and a friendly environment for you to relax, feel comfortable and give your best everyday


Top Hostess is your partner in crime to get anything you want in no time. With over 8 years experience in the live cam industry, we invest our time, energy and resources so that any model, partner or team member will end up with a smile on his/her face by the end of the day. We are Top Hostess, nice to meet you.



Let’s see if you have all the necessary requirements.
Well...the answer is YES. Be fun, be different, be crazy, be you, because life is too short to be anything but happy.

You need to be at least 18 years old and ready to turn your entire world upside down. Your time is NOW, young and restless soul, make the best of it.

For this job, you need to have an advanced level of English. You’re going to interact with people across the globe, so be ready to smile and show them who you are.

If you can speak fluently, half of your job as a top hostess is already done. All you’ll have to do next is be extremely open and ready to communicate with your fans.

Sky's the limit when you are open-minded, so make sure you clean your mind from any prejudices or preconceived ideas before entering the Top Hostess world.

You have lots of qualities that you can value and you’re ready to share this with the world. Don’t be scared to show them who you really are. Honest girls are the prettiest ;)

You are a strong and confident woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. With ambition and determination, you can reach every goal.

You believe in yourself in every situation. Trust yourself and choose what’s right for you because no one else has the power to change your life.

You admire strong and independent women and their lifestyle. Why dreaming about having a luxurious life when you can actually have one? Be a Top Hostess.

You are a free spirit and trust us, being independent is the best way to live your life! The conditions, the bonuses, the monthly winning and the frequent holidays will convince you in no time.

You want a safe future. Either you like it or not, money makes the world go round. Now, and forever. So what stops you from being exuberant, spoiled and ... very well paid?


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